Author: Bekki Morton

While employers, employees, and consumers alike seem to agree that fighting climate change is important, mention actual climate action, and the room suddenly goes quiet. It's not that people don't care - more than 2/3 of Americans report being concerned about climate change - it's that people simply don't know where to start.
ESG reporting is when corporations report on the environmental, social, and governance impacts of their operations. This reporting has multiple purposes that go way beyond just meeting certain regulations needed to operate.
An ESG report contains information on the environmental, social, and governance impact of a company. Consumers and other stakeholders such as investors and shareholders tend to use these reports as an indication of a company's approach to issues such as the environment, the community, and society at large.
When it comes to fighting environmental damage and human rights violations, there are multiple approaches governments can take to ensure the future of our planet is safe.
Ever since the effect of corporate behavior on climate change became apparent, companies have aimed to put sustainability at the heart of their business model. Doing so usually involves an ESG strategy.
There’s a frequently cited claim that only 90 companies are responsible to blame for most of the global carbon emissions.
An insight into which cell phones have the biggest environmental impact, and which are kindest to the planet.
Carbon accounting tools (also known as GHG accounting or GHG reporting) are used to measure a company’s carbon emissions from their activities, which allows them to understand their contribution to global warming.
An emission factor (also known as a conversion factor, emission intensity, or carbon intensity) is used to calculate the rate at which an activity releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Wondering which new laptop is the best one to buy to reduce your annual greenhouse gas emissions and help the fight against climate change? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at our table for information on the environmental impact of 10 of the most popular laptops.