Obtaining Granularity in Scope 3 Data Collection and Tools for Ingesting Scope 3 Footprint

We use the internet for everything from entertainment, communication, research, and it has completely transformed the way we work. Most people don’t realize that emissions from internet and cloud usage are quickly exceeding the amount of carbon from other industries. In 2023, cloud computing accounts for around 3% of all global emissions, which is more […]

Overcoming Technology Barriers and Achieving Supplier Alignment

In order for companies to successfully reduce carbon emissions, they must get all their suppliers aligned to the same goals. However, technological barriers often stand in the way, creating hurdles in communication, data collection, and implementation strategies. Importance of Alignment Company’s complex supply chains make it important that they are all aligned to the same […]

Scope 3 Emission Barriers Cause Hundreds of Corporations to Abandon Net-Zero Goals

A growing number of reputable companies have seen their Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) goals withdrawn. The reason? An inability to meet the stringent requirements set forth for reducing emissions. This trend highlights a troubling gap between initial sustainability commitments and the practical challenges of achieving them. In a recent report published by the SBTi, 54% […]

How to Integrate Supplier and Product Specific Carbon Emission Data Into Decision Making in a Global Organization

Companies are increasingly focusing on the emissions associated with their supply chains to reduce overall emissions. Integrating both the supplier’s organizational and product specific emission factors is key to understanding the company’s environmental situation as well as how to drive change. The Best of Both Worlds: Product and Organizational Data By integrating product-specific carbon data […]

Navigating Global Climate Legislation: A Comprehensive Overview

Current Global Climate Legislation, by Region Our world is beginning to be dominated by the threats of the climate crisis. Governments globally are acting to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and transition towards a future free from fossil fuel reliance. To maintain an understanding of the plethora of global climate legislation that is constantly being enacted […]

From Policy to Practice: Understanding Asia’s Climate Legislation

Climate Legislation in Asia  Everything you need to know about Climate Legislation in Asia. China China has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Intending to generate 1,200 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2025, China is by far the global leader in solar and wind power production (1). By 2030, China intends to supply â…“ […]

The European Green Deal: A Deep Dive into EU Climate Legislation

European Union Climate Legislation The European Union has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral continent through their establishment of a European Green Deal. By 2030, the EU plans to reach at least 55% less net greenhouse gas emissions than in 1990. To achieve this feat, they’ve enacted legislation and regulations spanning various sectors. Here’s everything […]

Deciphering U.K. Climate Legislation: A Comprehensive Guide

United Kingdom Climate Legislation The United Kingdom, especially since exiting the European Union, has implemented extensive legislation to maintain their commitment to being net-zero by 2050. Legislation has been enacted to promote the transition to a clean energy future, invest extensively in climate change mitigation programs, and provide economic incentives and regulations for corporations to […]