DitchCarbon Rankings-Explained

Overall ranking

The Carbon Emissions Score by DitchCarbon is a robust measure designed to evaluate a company’s impact on the environment through its greenhouse gas emissions. This score is computed by considering various factors including the company’s total carbon output, energy efficiency, utilization of renewable energy, and engagement in carbon offset initiatives.

The score spans from 0 – 100, with higher scores indicating a smaller carbon footprint and a stronger commitment to environmental sustainability. The algorithm takes into account the company’s industry, size, and location to ensure a balanced and fair evaluation, while also rewarding transparency and accuracy in emissions reporting.

This scoring system enables businesses and investors to quickly assess a company’s overall environmental stewardship, guiding more responsible and sustainable choices.

Industry Ranking

The Carbon Emissions Industry Ranking, part of DitchCarbon’s suite of sustainability metrics, gauges a company’s emission intensity against the backdrop of its specific industry sector. Recognizing that certain industries inherently have greater carbon footprints, this ranking places a company’s emissions in the context of the sector’s average. This ranking allows for a company’s sustainability performance to be evaluated relative to industry-specific benchmarks for greenhouse gas output.

This industry-centric score also adjusts from 0 – 100, where higher scores denote industry leaders in reducing emissions, and lower scores highlight those with significant room for improvement when compared to peers. It accounts for sector-specific factors, like the carbon intensity of industry activities and typical energy consumption patterns, providing a tailored assessment of a company’s environmental impact within its commercial sphere.

This ranking serves as a crucial tool for discerning investors and consumers looking to support companies leading the charge in industry-wide sustainability efforts and to compare companies to their peers.

Location ranking

The Carbon Emissions Location Ranking by DitchCarbon offers an analytical snapshot of a company’s carbon footprint within the geographical context of its operations. This ranking compares a company’s emissions with the average emissions intensity of the energy grid in its location, taking into consideration the mix of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewables that power regional industries.

With a score ranging from 0 – 100, a higher location score suggests that a company operates in areas with cleaner energy grids or has taken significant steps to minimize its emissions in regions with higher carbon intensity. The ranking emphasizes the importance of regional energy policies and infrastructure in shaping a company’s environmental performance.

Investors and stakeholders can utilize the location ranking to understand the geographical nuances of a company’s emission levels, enabling region-specific strategies for reducing their carbon footprint and fostering local energy improvements.

Get total coverage of your supply chain​

Reduce emissions with actionable insights on all your suppliers, embedded seamlessly into your procurement stack

Get total coverage of your supply chain

Reduce emissions with actionable insights on all your suppliers, embedded seamlessly into your procurement stack