How our powerful calculations work

How do you calculate my company’s carbon emissions? A great question, and one we’re asked a lot!

There are only five stages, ending with your full calculation so you can set target, liaise with suppliers, and – at last resort – offset.


Stage 1

The simplest one – you upload your data.


Stage 2

We’ll cross check and clean the data to identify which specific company you’ve uploaded for each record. For example, you may have written Coke, Cocacola, or CocaCola Enterprises.


Stage 3

If we don’t already know the company, we’ll attempt to match it to one of our categories – provided we can do so with a high degree of confidence. (AI isn’t perfect all the time – despite what the movies might make you think) 

We’ll apply the calculations, and if the system isn’t sure we’ll flag it for manual verification.


Stage 4

Now we know the company, we can check if we already have it in our database.

If we do, we apply the appropriate calculations based on either a batch of similar companies or if we have specific numbers based on those.


Stage 5

Now we know all your emissions and can generate the appropriate advice, as well as be ready to perform any supplier communications you may want to do.


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“Estimating business carbon emissions used to take serious sleuthing. Few could afford to include them in quotes, invoices or financial statements. It took so long to calculate that they rarely factored into buying decisions. I helped DitchCarbon to make it a single API call.
- A happy customer