Faster and more precise carbon accounting

Spend your time helping clients reduce emissions not calculating them!

We help carbon accountants

Wasted resource—You’re probably asking people in your organisation to manually categorise then research each of your customers suppliers. This takes time away from the real work of helping your clients achieve their climate objectives.

Avoid supplier fatigue—Building strong relationships with suppliers is an essential part of reducing company emissions, lets not survey when they’ve already disclosed !

Move towards better data—Category calculations are great but supplier level data is significantly more accurate. We all need to measure then act as quickly as possible but we should always use the best data available.

Get a the real picture on climate action—Not just Scope 1,2 & 3 emissions but initiative participation, peer comparisons, all with a single API call.

Getting more accurate—the more detail we have the more accurate we can be, let’s talk about how we can deliver product level calculations.

Setting ambitious Goals—We help you track the progress of your suppliers be that via SBTi, UN Compact or another metric. We even help you forecast supplier carbon footprints so you know what is left to be done.

Amanda Reynolds
Chief Product Officer

We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away.

Why leading companies work with us

We know carbon accounting

Quick to respond—We know you are under time pressure, clients don’t always give you the data they say they will or in the format you need … you can rely on us to help you make up time.

Always transparent—Every calculation, factor and kg of CO2e comes with an audit trail so you can verify to any client or auditor.

Scalable repeatable process

Cutting edge tech and analysts—We use a combination of the very latest technology combined with human validation for the most accurate climate data possible. Ask us how we do it, we’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way so you don’t have to!

The best coverage

Open by default—Unlike some companies we capture emissions data from ANY company not just the ones that pay us. This means you get the true picture of what the emissions are of your suppliers not just a select few.

Climate change is a global problem—We need global inclusive approach to solve it.

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