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Your clients need emission reports

We have all the reliable data

Carbon data is messy. It’s hard to understand and scattered across the web in PDFs, sheets and webpages.

Regulation is here. Enterprises increasingly need to disclose, BlackRock highlight the challenge of Scope 3.

Pressure on platforms. Software platforms are being asked to include emissions data rapidly to aid reporting and optimisation.

Easy as plug and play

Capture carbon data at scale. We capture, normalise carbon emissions data and calculations at scale. 

Simple to use API. Unlike alternatives we make it simple to plug emissions data into your platform.

Commercially attractive. Range of commercial options, include metered, flat and revenue share.

Save time, money & the world

Save time and money. It takes time to build your in-house data solution, not to mention upkeep of millions of records.

Increase competitiveness. Without this data platforms risk losing market share to competitors and new carbon focused entrants.

Save the world. Reducing Scope 3 emissions for your clients has one of the largest potential impact when it comes to fighting climate change.

“With Ditch Carbon’s unique and easy-to-use API, we've been able to rapidly add the insights our clients are asking for in order to help them make climate smart decisions”​
Phil Douglas
CEO at Compleat Software

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