Company Emissions Profiles

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Historical performance and disclosures

Track the climate disclosures of any company, whenever and wherever they disclose we:

  • Capture the data
  • Normalise
  • Benchmark
  • Provide auditable sources
  • Calculate a supplier level emission factor if enough data has been disclosed.

Tailored action plans

Using our extensive research on the actions of companies that are decarbonising combined with the latest in AI you can now build tailored emissions reduction plans for any company. These are some example responses for Accenture. We identified that Business Travel was a large part of their carbon footprint.

Questions designed to uncover maturity of approach
Have you adopted any alternative, lower-emission travel options?
Suggested actions
Set reduction targets for emissions from business travel., Promote the use of video conferencing and other remote collaboration tools, Encourage employees to choose low-carbon travel options.
Case studies of similar companies who have achieved reductions
Oracle, a global software corporation, has committed to reducing employee air travel by 25% by 2025 and has far exceeded that goal with an 84% reduction in employee air travel thorugh utilizing low-carbon travel options when travel is necessary, but largely omitting the need for travel through conducting remote collaboration.
Percentage of potential emissions reduction
Suggested contract terms to compel the company to reduce
Supplier shall set reduction targets for emissions from business travel, actively promote the use of video conferencing and other remote collaboration tools, and encourage employees to choose low-carbon travel options, with the aim of achieving a 20% reduction in emissions related to business travel within two years, and quarterly reporting for transparency and compliance.
All these are available within our webapp, our API or within our partner applications


Carbon emission number can be hard to compare, competing methodologies don’t help!

DitchCarbon helps you track your supplier agains the industry standard as well as review how alternatives are performing. Taking Dow as an example again, you can see they are significantly more carbon intensive than the industry benchmark but are also declining rapidly

Alternatives to consider

Some suppliers simply won’t act on climate fast enough for you to hit your goals – so who else should you be considering ? Or perhaps who could you use to show more rapid progress is possible?

Forecasted decarbonisation pathway

Beyond initiative Participation – what have they stated they will achieve, where are they on that journey and when do we forecast they will achieve this

Initiative participation

Initiative participation is a key indicator of climate action, there are a lot of them to consider though. SBTI, CDP & UN Global compact to name a few. DitchCarbon tracks all of these in one place, meaning you get a complete view with no manual research.

What our users think

We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away.
Amanda Reynolds
Chief Product Officer​
DitchCarbon are great partners; Our customers are excited about getting the data they need to drive more sustainable decision making.
Ryan Cangco
Principal Product manager, Ariba, SAP
Found this API a breeze to work with, thank you!
Mike Heavers
Senior Design Technologist, Mozilla

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