Company level emission factors

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The lure of product data

Talk to any sustainability person and they will always say “you need product data to be accurate” while this is true it isn’t helpful when companies aren’t publishing any where near enough product data !

Across ALL electronics manufacturers globally only 2000 products of the hundreds of thousands they make have carbon foot prints calculated – we know we researched them all. Conversely nearly 60% have disclosed company level data meaning we can provide supplier elevel emission factors for most of these.

The chasm of inaction

This is where a lot of sustainability and procurement people get stuck, they want to get more accurate but can’t get the data they need from their suppliers and other counterparties.

CompanyCategory level factorCompany level% difference
Microsoft Corporation0.0790.058-35%

Solution: Supplier level emission factors

According to the GHG protocol you can use a company level emission factor if the organisation has disclosed:

  • Scope 1+2
  • Upstream scope 3
  • Revenue

DitchCarbon automatically sources this data and provides the most accurate factor possible – if there isn’t enough data we provide an industry level emission factor.

The example to the left shows the difference these factors can make – imagine your emissions being off by any of these percentages!

What our users think

We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away.
Amanda Reynolds
Chief Product Officer​
DitchCarbon are great partners; Our customers are excited about getting the data they need to drive more sustainable decision making.
Ryan Cangco
Principal Product manager, Ariba, SAP
Found this API a breeze to work with, thank you!
Mike Heavers
Senior Design Technologist, Mozilla

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