Choose a flexible plan that works best for you

12 month pricing, save 20% compared to month to month

Not an engineer ? Not a problem !

We have all sorts of ways you can use our data from web apps to google sheet add ons – get in touch to find the right solution for you 


Is there a trial/freemium option ?

Yes just drop us an email and we can get you setup.

What are API calls ?

Each time you ask for a record or to update an existing record that’s an API call 

How do we pay ?

We use Stripe for our invoicing, you can pay via bank transfer credit card, perhaps even crypto!  

Can I adjust my packages ?

Sure, you can upgrade you plan at any time, if you go over your amount we’ll automatically upgrade you.  

Is there a contract ?

Yes pricing above is for a 12 month contract, we do month to month for a 20% premium. 

Do API calls roll over? No use em or lose em 

Are the API calls for successful calls only? Yes, if we don’t return a value for whatever reason your balance is unaffected. 

What is the ETL option?

Stands for Extract, Transform, Load, if you don’t have the resources right now to do a full integration this can be a great interim solution. We’ll supply the files you need from the data you supply. 

What are custom data requests?

We’re always improving our data set for the benefit of all our clients, however if there is a specific area you need a better understanding of we’ll do depth research just for you if you are on our Scaling up plan or above.

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We were considering building carbon calculation from scratch, then we found Ditch carbon which saved us SOO much time
- Inuda Tec