Business purchasing creates 60% of all carbon emissions

Sustainability is becoming the key consideration for procurement decisions. Is your business ready to adapt?

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Who can DitchCarbon help?

Give your customers the emissions intelligence they’re looking for

For your customers, climate data is no longer just a ‘nice to have’, it’s an imperative. If your platform doesn’t deliver, you risk:

  • Missing a huge market opportunity as the world shifts to climate-first decision making The carbon measurement market is growing 22.3% year on year
  • Losing customers when they look elsewhere for the data you should already be offering them If you don’t deliver the carbon insights they need, someone else will

Gain a full picture on carbon emissions in your supply chain

70% of buyers will have their performance linked to sustainability metrics in the next three years. Now’s the time to take control of carbon, or risk falling behind.

  • Identify which suppliers are the biggest risk – and eliminate them
  • Discover where you can easily save carbon, and switch to the lowest-emitting suppliers
  • Show your customers you’re leading the way on climate action

What our customers think

Phil Douglas

CEO at Compleat Software

“With Ditch Carbon’s unique and easy-to-use API, we've been able to rapidly add the insights our clients are asking for in order to help them make climate smart decisions”

Mike Heavers winking

Mike Heavers

Senior Design Technologist, Mozilla

found this API a breeze to work with, thank you!

Amanda Reynolds

Chief Product Officer

We had been looking for this a data set like this for 12 months! So glad we found DitchCarbon

Procurement teams rely on DitchCarbon

We're on a mission to organise the world's carbon data, join us as we grow our dataset and you'll always have the best possible data at your fingertips.


Company level carbon emission records


Product emission reports


Emission factors for common materials and activities

Don’t lose sleep (or customers) over climate functionality

Your customers are already under pressure to act on climate, soon many will be required by law to measure then reduce their climate impact.

This presents an opportunity for you to expand your product to deliver on a client need while making a positive climate impact - what's not to like!

No need to be a climate expert!

Unlike other similar providers you don't need to be a climate scientist to implement our technology, just let us know what data you have and we'll suggest the right calculation method.

All our calculations and data come with fully referenced sources along with the GHG Protocol approved PEF accuracy metric.


We’ve researched the carbon footprints of millions of businesses across the most common verticals and in the most populous countries.

This gives us an unparalleled amount of data to work with. And we’re adding more every day.


Using GHG protocol-aligned methodologies, we apply our research not only to the companies we are researching, but also to companies that are similar.

This allows us to understand, for example, what the typical carbon footprint is for a baker in France versus the UK, or the emissions for a steel maker in California versus Alabama


Once we have data on a particular company, vertical or locale we analyse it over time, calculating past emissions as well as monitoring for changes in the future.

This means we can tell you the trajectory of a particular company: they may have made a net zero pledge but have they actually reduced?

Simple to use API

We maintain a comprehensive database of calculators, life cycle analysis, carbon footprints of companies constantly kept up to date with research from the leading world authorities.

No tech resource? No problem we also support CSVs 😉

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response = http.request(request)
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“Estimating business carbon emissions used to take serious sleuthing. Few could afford to include them in quotes, invoices or financial statements. It took so long to calculate that they rarely factored into buying decisions. DitchCarbon made it a single API call.
- Jon, legendary techie