Frequently Asked Questions

Data Extraction and Analysis

We use AI to capture emissions data from a company’s publicly disclosed sustainability reports then transfer it into our system and provide our analysis. Read more at our blog post here.

DitchCarbon uses internationally recognised, industry specific emissions estimates for companies that have not disclosed.

We utilize whatever data we have access to. First and foremost, if a company does not measure or disclose their carbon emissions, their score will be low. We also incorporate what industry their company is in to understand the impact that their operations have on the environment. We incorporate what their emissions trends are as well, so if they are increasing or decreasing their carbon footprint. Participation in climate initiatives like CDP disclosure and the Science Based Targets initiative are great indicators as to whether a company cares about reducing their emissions, so we include that as a measure too.

Our emissions factor is specific to that supplier, their industry, their revenue, and their emissions. To learn more, read our blog post here.

Requirements for Data Analysis/Extraction

No. We can only access publicly disclosed emissions, but if you have access to your suppliers’ privately disclosed emissions data, share it with us. We can implement that data into our scoring system and incorporate it into our rankings of your suppliers.

Yes. DitchCarbon can extract and analyze company emissions data on companies even if they are not your suppliers.

No, we can extract and analyze data globally.

Yes. DitchCarbon uses internationally recognised, industry specific estimates for companies that have not disclosed.

No amount of suppliers is too small. We do 25 suppliers as a demo for free and recommend having at least 100 suppliers for us to process.

DitchCarbon is able to process an unlimited number of suppliers, as we leverage the latest in AI technology. Our minimum monthly fee only covers 2,000 suppliers.

Other FAQ

No. Our data extraction and analysis is intended to be incorporated into whatever program you use. We provide and API for ease of implementation and partner with SAP.

It is almost immediate for suppliers that we have existing emissions data on. It typically takes a few days to extract data on suppliers that aren’t in our database.

DitchCarbon currently has data on around 250,000 suppliers.

Though we cannot provide you with a list of low carbon intensity suppliers because we are not a sourcing company, we do provide peer group scoring when you provide your current suppliers.

We update emissions data periodically so we recommend that our clients check back every quarter for the most up to date information on their suppliers’ emissions.

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 level emissions are explained in our blog post here.

CDP is a global emissions disclosure system. Learn more about it at our blog post here.

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