Give your customers the emissions intelligence they’re looking for

It’s time to prioritize sustainability. Your competitors already are.


Why you need to build sustainability into your platform

Missing a huge market opportunity

Keep pace with fast growing startups. Carbon measurement is growing at 30% compared to 6% for ERP .

Sustainability is no longer a nice to have

Your customers need this data. As regulations bite all your customers will need this insight, lets keep them in your platform when they are looking for it.

Risk of alienating a new generation of buyers

Climate is a priority for buyers now 70% decision makers are now millennials, 71% state climate change as their top priority when making decisions.

Why we are the right partner for you

The best coverage

Open by default. Unlike some companies we capture emissions data from ANY company not just the ones that pay us. This means you get the true picture of what the emissions are of your suppliers not just a select few.

Climate change is a global problem. We need global inclusive approach to solve it.

Range of commercial models

Reseller Have total control on pricing and engagement model with your clients, we’ll supply collateral, access to any of the APIs you need and be on hand as second line support for technical or commercial quieres.

Co sell We sell shoulder to shoulder with you, we upskill your sales team on everything they need to know when selling sustainability to your prospects and customers as well as join any sales calls when required. We do joint marketing in the form of webinars, white papers whatever works for your specific niche.

Referral The lightest lift for you – just pass us interested opportunities and we pass back generous referral fee.

"...found this API a breeze to work with, thank you!"
Mike Heavers
Senior Design Technologist, Mozilla

Simple, powerful & fully supported

API first. We haven’t tacked on an API to our product, our product is the API, as a result you can be confident in developing towards a stable and scalable stack

Great support We are small enough that your engineers can talk to the developers who wrote the code, this means you can develop super quick saving you time and money when compared to less accessible APIs

Free design service

Free services ?? We’ll mock up where the best places are in your application to insert our insights, one less job for you to do.

You’ll be in great company. Unlike our competitors our primary route to market is through partners just like you – we’re focused on our mutual success.

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"We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away"
Amanda Reynolds
Chief Procurement Officer