What Are Science Based Targets (SBTis)?

At DitchCarbon, we don’t just provide you with your suppliers carbon emissions data. We think it’s important to evaluate a company’s commitment to mitigating their carbon footprint as well as present their emissions data. So, we showcase a few indicators of this commitment, including the Science Based Targets. These targets provide clear pathways for companies to reduce carbon emissions, aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We share whether your supplier follows each of these Science Based Targets in every supplier profile. Each designation is explained below in further detail. 

1. Net-Zero Committed: Companies with this designation pledge to reduce their emissions to a level where any remaining emissions are offset by carbon removal initiatives. This ensures that they make no net contribution to global warming.

2. Near Term Status: This designation reflects a company’s progress towards its short-term emissions reduction targets. It indicates that a company is actively working to meet its immediate climate goals.

3. Near Term Classification: Companies receive this classification based on their performance against near-term targets. It helps gauge their effectiveness in addressing climate change in the short term.

4. Near Term Year: This indicates the specific year by which a company aims to achieve its near-term emissions reduction targets. It provides clarity on the timeline for these critical milestones.

5. Long Term Status: Similar to the near-term status, this designation evaluates a company’s progress towards achieving its long-term emissions reduction targets.

6. Long Term Classification: Companies are classified based on their performance against long-term targets, allowing stakeholders to assess their commitment to sustained emissions reductions.

7. Long Term Year: This signifies the target year for achieving long-term emissions reduction goals, offering a clear timeline for significant climate action.

Understanding whether or not your suppliers are committed to the SBTis is an important indicator of their dedication to reducing their carbon emissions. We believe that all of your suppliers should be following the SBTis to mitigate their emissions. 


Where Can You Find This Data?

  • In your DitchCarbon portal, under supplier profile, in the General Information category

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Reduce emissions with actionable insights on all your suppliers, embedded seamlessly into your procurement stack

Get total coverage of your supply chain

Reduce emissions with actionable insights on all your suppliers, embedded seamlessly into your procurement stack