What is the UN Global Compact?

At DitchCarbon, we don’t just provide you with your suppliers carbon emissions data. We think it’s important to evaluate a company’s commitment to mitigating their carbon footprint as well as their emissions data so we present a few indicators of this commitment, including the UN Global Compact. This initiative was designed to promote corporate ethics and responsible business conduct with each aspect of the UN Global Compact expressing a different commitment to emissions mitigation. We show whether your supplier follows each of these UN Global Compact categories in every supplier profile, explained below in further detail.

1. Carbon Pricing Champions: These are corporations committed to the establishment of an internal carbon pricing mechanism within their operations. By ascribing a monetary value to carbon emissions, they create a financial incentive for operational efficiency and a consequent reduction in emissions.

2. Responsible Climate Policy Engagement: Corporations holding this designation are actively involved in advocacy for climate-conscious policies through sustained engagement with governmental bodies and key stakeholders. By exerting influence on policy deliberations, they expedite the transition to a low-carbon economy.

3. Climate for Care: This designation signifies a comprehensive commitment to climate action, encompassing emissions reduction, responsible management of supply chains, and the incorporation of sustainable practices across all facets of business operations.4. Climate Ambition Accelerator: These corporations demonstrate exceptional ambition by establishing and pursuing challenging targets for reducing emissions. They often serve as catalysts, inspiring others and contributing to progress towards global climate objectives..

5. CEO Water Mandate: Business leaders commit to addressing global water challenges by integrating water sustainability into their corporate strategies and operations. This mandate focuses on responsible water management practices, emphasizing the importance of water conservation and stewardship across industries.

Comprehension of the UN Global Compact’s designations is of pivotal importance in the evaluation of corporate contributions to climate action. By championing ethical business practices, these designations instigate tangible change and pave the way for a more sustainable global landscape. We believe that all of your suppliers should commit to designations outlined in the UN Global Compact to affirm their commitment to mitigating their carbon emissions.

Where Can You Find This Data?

  • In your DitchCarbon portal, under supplier profile, in the General Information category

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Get total coverage of your supply chain

Reduce emissions with actionable insights on all your suppliers, embedded seamlessly into your procurement stack