We make it easy for your business to track, manage & reduce your carbon emissions

Because we all need to do our bit to fight climate change

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How it works

Working with leading climate scientists using government approved methodologies we calculate your carbon footprint from your purchase invoice data.


Upload your purchase invoice data to our secure servers


We apply our algorithms to calculate your footprint


We provide detailed analysis of where your emissions are coming from and advice on how you can Ditch Carbon

Now every business can have a genuine positive impact on climate change

Great for the bottom line

Our pricing starts at just £25 a month so everyone can get involved.

Saving carbon often leads to £$ savings too, so much of carbon emissions are waste!

Great for ALL stakeholders

Customers, staff, investors are all expecting businesses to be reducing their carbon emissions. Once you have reduced what you can we can help you offset the rest and give you a badge for your site too

Great for our planet

Make your business a truly sustainable one by building your business in a climate positive manner.

Join a growing movement of responsible business owners…

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Frequently asked questions

Our pricing starts at £25 a month, this gives you up to date carbon data at your fingertips whenever you are making a purchasing decision.

We want the same things as you, to stop climate change without damaging your business.

Our model works by pulling data from a variety of government and listed businesses carbon emissions data, ditch carbon outputs SECR compliant data.

Headed up by Marc Munier, a highly experienced software as a service executive who knew he had to do something to tackle climate change.