The DitchCarbon Score

Inform every decision

Why do we need a score?

Tracking the climate action of a company is complicated.

There are a lot of competing standards so very few disclosures are comparable without a system like DitchCarbon.

Even so not everyone in your organisation will know what an emission factor or scope is. In order to drive reductions effectively you need everyone’s engagement – that’s why we created the DitchCarbon Score.

Empower everyone

Not everyone in your organisation can become an expert – even those that are need to be able to make quick informed decisions. The DitchCarbon score means everyone can become a change agent.

Save time

Instead of slowing down onboarding with painful onboarding ESG surveys, use the DitchCarbon score to triage. Simply set your own rules depending on your level of ambition. Over 75? Great – onboard without delay. Under 50? Let’s take a closer look.

Available wherever you work

Critical to making the most of the DitchCarbon score is using it in every day business decision making. We make this easy by already integrating with the tools you know.

Transparent and tailored to you

We pride ourselves on being open with our methodology you. Listed are the factors we consider, what the weighting is and a worked example for Apple Inc. Within our web app you can even adjust the weighting to better represent your climate goals. For more details check out our methodology pages
Factors Increasing Organization ScoreWeightSourceApple 2023 Example:
Reduced absolute emissions: last yearHighPrimary data – company disclsouresYes
Reduced emissions intensity (revenue adjusted): last yearHighPrimary data – company disclsouresYes
Committed to SBTI: Net ZeroHighSBTI databaseNo
Are in a very low or low emitting industryHighExiobase, DEFRA, EPA EEIO databasesYes
Reduced absolute emissions: previous 2 yearsMediumPrimary data – company disclsouresNo
Reduced emissions intensity (revenue adjusted): previous 2 yearsMediumPrimary data – company disclsouresNo
Disclosed Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions: last yearMediumPrimary data – company disclsouresYes
Reported all industry-relevant Scope 3 categories: last yearMediumCDP relevance criteria | company disclosuresYes
Committed to SBTIs: Near Term or Long TermMediumSBTI databaseYes
Is a Climate Pledge signatoryLowClimate Pledge databaseNo
Committed to at least 1 UN Global Compact environmental initiativeLowUNGC databaseNo
Disclosed to CDP: last yearLowPublic disclosuresYes
Disclosed Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions: previous 2 yearsLowPrimary data – company disclsouresYes
Disclosed to CDP: previous 2 yearsLowPublic disclosuresYes
Reported all industry-relevant Scope 3 categories: previous 2 yearsLowCDP relevance criteria | company disclosuresYes
Is headquartered in a very low or low emitting countryLowNational grid intensity disclosuresYes
Score 82

What our users think

We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away.
Amanda Reynolds
Chief Product Officer​
DitchCarbon are great partners; Our customers are excited about getting the data they need to drive more sustainable decision making.
Ryan Cangco
Principal Product manager, Ariba, SAP
Found this API a breeze to work with, thank you!
Mike Heavers
Senior Design Technologist, Mozilla

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