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Making product managers climate heroes

How we do it

We’re building the complete dataset of carbon emissions for businesses worldwide


We’ve researched the carbon footprints of millions of businesses across the most common verticals and in the most populous countries.

This gives us an unparalleled amount of data to work with. And we’re adding more every day.


Using GHG protocol-aligned methodologies, we apply our research not only to the companies we are researching, but also to companies that are similar.

This allows us to understand, for example, what the typical carbon footprint is for a baker in France versus the UK, or the emissions for a steel maker in California versus Alabama


Once we have data on a particular company, vertical or locale we analyse it over time, calculating past emissions as well as monitoring for changes in the future.

This means we can tell you the trajectory of a particular company: they may have made a net zero pledge but have they actually reduced?

With Ditch Carbon’s unique and easy-to-use API, we've been able to rapidly add the insights our clients are asking for in order to help them make climate smart decisions
Phil Douglas, CEO at Compleat Software

Simple to use API

We maintain a comprehensive database of calculators, life cycle analysis, carbon footprints of companies constantly kept up to date with research from the leading world authorities.

No tech resource? No problem we also support CSVs 😉

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Generate more revenue

Use our data to create your own custom sustainability package or add-on to your product, then watch your profits and your positive climate grow.

Focus on delivering faster

No build time necessary and no need to derail your roadmap - focus on your own product and we’ll supply the data, expertise and support you need.

Join our happy customers

“Estimating business carbon emissions used to take serious sleuthing. Few could afford to include them in quotes, invoices or financial statements. It took so long to calculate that they rarely factored into buying decisions. DitchCarbon made it a single API call.
- A happy customer