About Us

The mission

60% of all GHG emissions are from what companies buy.

Only by making business decisions climate conscious can we drive down emissions fast enough, this is just too big for sustainability departments to handle on their own.

We capture emission data on companies, products and activities then present these wherever decisions are being made, in your procurement, ERP, accounting or our own online tools.

We're always keen to chat to potential integration partners so please do get in touch.

The team delivering it

We're an international experienced team focused on helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

We're always looking for passionate people to join us - just get in touch !

Marc Munier

Founder & CEO 🇬🇧

A "veteran" of the SaaS industry having scaled to exit businesses in the marketing automation, Social and IoT spaces. Ex Brandwatch, Cision

Alex Rudnicki

Co Founder & COO 🇺🇸

Passionate about leveraging technology and finance to enable sustainable economic development. Part time angel investor and syndicate lead.

Dave Lush

CTO 🇬🇧

Tech leader with 19 years experience. Worked through healthtech, financial services, energy sector and L&D. 

Maria Feced Mateu

Sustainability Lead 🇪🇸

Expert in carbon emissions reporting, many years reporting for some of the largest brands in Europe.

Ori Marash

Technical Lead 🇮🇱

I’m a software developer interested in making a big impact.

Peter Balog

Marketing Lead 🇭🇺

Freelance content marketer, visit me at contentpeter.com. Founder of freelance.pizza, a website dedicated to aspiring freelancers.

Charlie Groves

Mid level Developer 🇬🇧

Computer Science student at the University of Bath and software engineer at DitchCarbon

Eugene Levinson

Junior Developer 🇬🇧

Freelance content marketer. Founder of freelance.pizza, a website dedicated to aspiring freelancers.

Andrei Kaleshka

Developer 🇷🇺

Software developer with Belarusian origins, now in Poland. Passionate about code quality and efficient tech solutions. Author of "Rake Task Management Essentials.”



Always open to passionate people driven to act on climate -get in touch!