Harnessing ‘No Regrets’ Choices for a Greener Supply Chain

Envisage a future where your supply chain exudes sustainability, each decision sparking a ripple effect that significantly diminishes scope 3 carbon emissions. Dreamlike? It’s high time we make this dream a tangible reality through ‘no regrets’ decisions.

This powerful phrase ‘no regrets’ decisions, coined by Oliver Hurrey, is not just about making the right moves, but making moves that are unmistakably beneficial. It’s about triggering changes that, regardless of what the future holds, you’ll never regret. It’s a crystal-clear roadmap for procurement professionals aiming to lessen their carbon footprints. Let’s explore further.

  1. Commitment to Renewable Energy: Encourage your suppliers to transition to renewable energy suppliers by a feasible deadline. It’s a leap towards clean energy that minimises carbon footprints, setting you at the forefront of climate leadership.
  2. Embrace the EV Fleet: During vehicle contract negotiations, give preference to electric vehicles (EVs). Secure profitable discounts and expedite your journey towards low carbon transportation. EVs are not just an investment in cost efficiency; they’re an investment in cleaner air.
  3. Consolidate Deliveries: Rationalise your deliveries, amalgamating multiple orders into one journey. This simple yet impactful action helps curb transport emissions, boosting efficiency and saving costs in the process.
  4. Favour Local Suppliers: Think globally, act locally. Prioritising local suppliers curtails transport distances, which in turn reduces carbon emissions whilst bolstering local economies. It’s a win-win for your business and the planet.
  5. Track Emissions: Encourage suppliers to measure and report their emissions. This promotes transparency and supplies invaluable data to inform decisions, transforming emissions management from a complex challenge into a strategic advantage.
  6. Reward Low Emission Suppliers: Lastly, make sustainability rewarding. Prioritise low-emission suppliers, emphasising that sustainable operations pave the way for business opportunities.

These are ‘no regrets’ decisions—ones that offer undeniable benefits today and lay the groundwork for a sustainable tomorrow. They’re not merely improving your environmental performance; they create cost efficiencies, construct resilient supply chains, and boost your brand reputation.

In the realm of procurement, sustainability is not an option; it’s a necessity. So, let’s turn this necessity into an opportunity. Make your ‘no regrets’ decisions today and pioneer the path of sustainable procurement. Leave no room for regret; only room for progress.

In sustainable procurement, numbers matter.

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