Why Surveying Your Supply Chain isn’t the Way

The traditional method of surveying your suppliers’ carbon emissions is outdated. Instead, companies should switch to DitchCarbon's carbon intelligence platform to more accurately and efficiently assess the carbon emissions of their supply chain.

Here are a few reasons why surveys aren’t the best way to assess supply chain emissions:

1. Inaccurate Data

One of the biggest problems with surveying suppliers is that the data you receive may not be accurate. There’s no guarantee that suppliers will provide accurate information about their carbon emissions, or even that they know what their emissions are. This can lead to incorrect or incomplete data, making it difficult to accurately assess your supply chain’s carbon footprint.

2. Time-Consuming

Another issue with surveys is that they can be incredibly time-consuming. Collecting data from each supplier, consolidating it, and analyzing it can take weeks or even months. This is time that could be better spent implementing strategies to reduce emissions.

3. Limited Scope

Surveys also have a limited scope. You’re only able to collect data from the suppliers you work with directly, which means you may not have a complete picture of your entire supply chain. This can make it difficult to identify areas where emissions can be reduced.

So, what’s the alternative?

DitchCarbon’s carbon intelligence platform offers an efficient and accurate way to assess the carbon emissions of your supply chain. Here are some of the benefits:

4. Automated Data Collection

DitchCarbon’s platform automates data collection, which means you don’t have to rely on suppliers to provide accurate data. Instead, the platform collects data from a variety of sources, including satellite imagery, weather data, and market data. This ensures that the data you receive is accurate and up-to-date.

5. Real-Time Insights

Because DitchCarbon’s platform collects data in real-time, you can get instant insights into your supply chain’s carbon footprint. This means you can identify areas where emissions can be reduced and implement strategies quickly.

6. Comprehensive Coverage

DitchCarbon’s platform covers your entire supply chain, not just the suppliers you work with directly. This means you have a complete picture of your supply chain’s carbon footprint, making it easier to identify areas where emissions can be reduced.

In conclusion, while surveys may have been the traditional method for assessing supply chain emissions, they are no longer the most efficient or accurate way. DitchCarbon’s carbon intelligence platform provides a comprehensive solution that can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and limit their impact on the environment. By using this platform, companies can gain real-time insights, automate data collection, and receive comprehensive coverage of their entire supply chain.

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