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SBTi is emerging as the gold standard for companies taking action.

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Simple to use—DitchCarbon has built a simple API which returns the data held on any company queried, we do the manual work.

Up-to-date data—Integrating the DitchCarbon SBTi API means you don’t have to do any more manual work but always have access to the very latest companies taking action list from SBTI

No-code solutions—Developers can build this API into any of their projects, checkout our docs for how to get going. If you aren’t an engineer but would like to access this data, checkout our guide to using our API via Rows or Zapier.

What is SBTi?

The Science Based Targets initiative is the leading body monitoring and validating companies taking action on climate change.

The SBTi provides companies with a clearly defined pathway to reduce emissions, helping them prevent dangerous climate change and future-proof business growth. It offers tools and guidance to set emissions reduction targets in line with climate science.

Companies that commit to the initiative have their targets independently assessed and validated, ensuring credibility and environmental integrity. By engaging with SBTi, businesses show leadership in sustainable practices, promoting a more sustainable future.

The SBTI publishes weekly the companies taking action and their progress but this creates an overhead for companies wanting to integrate companies taking action into their workflows as there is no API available directly from SBTI.

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