Do you have the full picture on carbon in your supply chain?

Take back control of the carbon in your supply chain.

Your sustainable procurement journey

We calculate emissions from almost any data. Just send us a list of your suppliers and what you spend: we’ll do the rest.

We give you the data you need to take action. Optimise for carbon just as you do for any other factor.

Find lower carbon options. We suggest lower carbon alternatives to your current suppliers. You can switch suppliers or get your incumbent vendor to up their game.

Integrated carbon reporting. Find your carbon data in the tools you already use for purchasing or accounting and budget for carbon as part of your business-as-usual.

Get more granular. Share product level data and we can provide product level calculations

Set ambitious goals. Help track the progress of your suppliers, via SBTi, UN Compact or another metric. We help you forecast the carbon footprints of your suppliers so you can hit your targets

Amanda Reynolds
Chief Product Officer

We had been struggling for a while to drive change in our suppliers and our teams, getting DitchCarbon data into our process changed things almost straight away.

Why we are trusted by procurement

We integrate with market leading platforms

No new tools to learn. Focus your time and energy on strategic decision-making rather than learning new tools. Our solution empowers you to seamlessly integrate sustainability into your existing procurement processes, saving you valuable resources and maximizing efficiency.

Integrated decision making. You already consider a range of factors, risk, compliance, pricing, financials now add emissions data right where you need it.

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The best coverage

Open by default. Unlike some companies we capture emissions data from ANY company not just the ones that pay us. This means you get the true picture of what the emissions are of your suppliers not just a select few.

Climate change is a global problem. We need global inclusive approach to solve it.

We know procurement

We speak your language. As a procurement professional, you face the constant pressure of balancing cost savings with sustainable practices. We understand the intricacies of supplier management, risk assessment, and the need for transparent and accountable supply chains

Find alternatives. We know changing suppliers is the last thing you want to be doing but using our data will drive real change in your existing suppliers.

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