Books to Fuel Your Climate Change Journey

Embracing climate action is crucial for our collective future. Whether you’re seeking to make a difference in your personal life or within your company, knowledge is your most potent weapon. In this blog post, we present an extensive selection of books that will empower you to become a passionate advocate for climate change. From gripping fiction that unveils possible futures to inspiring manifestos and informative non-fiction, this diverse collection has everything you need to accelerate your action on climate.

Fiction books about climate

Ministry for the future – Kim Stanley Robinson

Super accessible and engaging read, set in the near future it follows the actions taken by a new UN ministry to help tackle climate change on a global level following a horrendous heatwave in India. Inspirational and concerning in equal measures, fascinating detail on the various geoengineering projects they undertake.  

Termination Shock – Neal Stephenson 

How will various nations act as climate change accelerates ?

Another accomplished author looks into the near future to guess what could happen. Like station 11 it has a delightful multi threaded approach to storytelling which I love. 

Non Fiction about climate

How bad are bananas ? – Mike Berners-Lee

Many people I talk to highlight this book as one of the reasons they got engaged in climate action. Taking you from the carbon footprint of a pint of tap water (568ml) – .2g of CO2e to a double write off car crash on a busy motorway – 40 tonnes of CO2e ! 

This book is a powerful tool to grasp the scale of the decisions we can make to impact climate. 

The power of Geography – Tim Marshall

While not directly about climate change it does have a huge amount to share about the future of our warming world. How will our geopolitics change when vast parts of our world become uninhabitable ? How will the geographical features of our countries shape our responses to this global problem ? Brilliantly presented and a great read !

How to avoid a climate disaster – Bill Gates 

The authors deep understanding of the technology and business drivers around climate solutions is what makes this book so brilliant ! I refer to his concept of a “green premium” frequently in conversations, if you are considering a startup in the climate space this is jam packed of great ideas to draw from. 

Activism books about climate

How to blow up a pipeline – Andreas Malm

Buy this book in paper form and read in a public place… It’s distinctive cover draws bemused looks which are worth the cost alone! This book really goes to the heart of climate activism, why is non violent protesting such a central tenet to the environmental movement ? For such a big issue one would imagine more extreme methods should be employed… 

This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein 

This authors books have had huge cultural impact in this book she skillfully argues that the issue is one of capitalism not just fossil fuel consumption. As ever a great read with plenty of references to back up her compelling arguments. Probably the book most likely to make you want to find a cabin in the woods and never look back!  

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